Explorations in divinity of woman.

'Devi' has innumerable interpretations in beliefs and mythology. The manifestations are so thoughtful that they lend purpose to native folks. Their role and significance in everyday rituals and narratives cannot be understated. Devi is a divine power yet she has human side to her. Cultural opulence of imaginative traditions has led to portrayal of feminine energy in shades and hues of changing times. Devi's are virtuous women; they are revered, feared and worshiped.

The Devi series of paintings is montage of eternal characteristics prevailing in myriad forms of divine energy. Akin to narrative structures of mythology and folklore, the compositions here combine innate values and ideas of simplicity. The metaphor for the theme is an ordinary rural woman who has motivated the development of this collection. Her identity is transitional; she struggles with numerous sociocultural conjectures trying to involuntarily adorn her with adjectives for evolving phases and roles. Thus the Devi essentially is a celebration of collective identity of a woman intrinsically linked to a larger cosmic female entity – be it the Laxmi, Saraswati, Durga or Kali.

All are the facets of same radiant and divine female energy.