One Tribe


In the joyful process of creating objects of daily living, where utility and beauty co-exist; there is an oneness of the creator, the created and the participant. These beautifully made creative objects enhance life and evocate the magnificence and meaning of gracious living, where the immediate and the ultimate are connected by the living reality of beautiful objects.

Art and creativity are a form of expression and not a conscious effort, touching every aspect and object in and around the tribal folk. They are used for utility, rituals and adornment, throughout the region, right from the beginning of life to death.

In India, adornment serves mankind in innumerable ways - attracting gods; protecting people and communities; identifying ethnic groups; revealing the history and daily life of those groups.

Wall paintings and floor painting, apart from serving ritualistic purposes, are believed to create a harmonious atmosphere in the house. Wall paintings though derive their inspiration from nature; depicting birds, animals, and plants; however do not render it in a naturalistic manner. Textiles occupy a special place in folk art. They form an integral part in creating a sense of belonging and community feeling amongst various tribes. Fabrics, garments, embroidery, prints, accessories, indeed form a wide spectrum of the most amazing collection in Indian art.

The making of these objects; whether a pot, door or garment, does not follow any prescribed method nor the dictates of a royal patron. It stems from that uninhibited joy of creation, spontaneous craftsmanship and the desire to cater to the needs of ordinary people amidst whom the creator lives, the freedom to follow the heart rather than the mind and a well-honed skill that has developed over many years by observation and practice, passed down orally and visually from father to son or mother to daughter. It is that joy and pleasure of creation that passes from the maker to the user through the object; it is the satisfaction that utility has not constrained creativity and a rejoicing from realization that form has exceeded function.

Folk arts indeed are a celebration of the creativity of human hands and seem to resonate the primal thought that "creativity arises from joy and into joy leads us".