Goddess or Devi as in Indian mythology is the most complex and most powerful of the goddesses and also known as Shakti or female energy. All over the world she has the same image as life bestower, nourishes, lover, comforter, and also the conqueror of evil.

She is portrayed in different shades from the mild to fierce and amongst the goddesses in images as sati, parvati, durga to kali.

In my first series of paintings of the Goddess I would like to explore the world of woman and her various facets in context with the rural women who forms a very integral part of the Indian society.

The sheer physical endurance of bearing a life within her and nurturing her children gives her the energy which reflects in her and is the very essence of power within her.

Of the many images of women one is that of patience, the waiting figure of a women has always been of great inspiration, as if time has stood still for her, as seasons around her are changing but she is still and full of anticipation of things to come.

She is the pure innocent ray of dawn as well as the colorful spray of dusk. She is the enticing radha dancing to lure her lover and the wild kali dancing in triumph conquering the evil. I relate all the goddess to women I see around me.