Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Once angered by the pride of man, the earth-goddess 'Bhoodevi' decided not to let the seeds sprout or plants grow. The resultant famine caused chaos in the three worlds. The gods begged the earth goddess to have mercy. Unable to bear there suffering, the goddess began to weep. So great was her grief that tears rolled down her hundred thousand eyes for nights, causing, heavy rain to fall upon the earth. The rivers flowed again lakes and ponds were full and life once again returned to the earth in abundance.

'Mother Earth' is worshipped in her myriad forms to evoke her dormant energies, to domesticate her wild powers or to appease her wrath so as to ensure material prosperity. A common representation of the 'mother earth' is a clay pot. A pot is likened to a womb, It holds food and water which sustain life. A pot full of grains is a symbol of prosperity and believed to contain life's energies. Its presence is believed to attract the benevolent powers of nature and usher in prosperity. It is also said that the life bestowing power of the mother earth percolates into the human society through women.

Our earth is truly represented as a women forever giving and caring. She is in the fertile earth, the fruitful plant, the life nourishing river, no image can contain her, we are in constant touch with her and depend on her for our very own entity. The life giving aspect of nature and the life taking aspect of nature represent the impersonal ability of 'Mother Earth' to create and destroy life.

Our earth is hence the very embodiment of motherhood, power and peace. She spins the cycle of existence, as she creates and destroys all that is, was and will be and whose womb contains Time & Space.