The Earth Story

COPPER POT (54'' dia x 54'' height)

Devi is the Prakriti. She balances the Nature. She is the Mother Earth. She nurtures resurgence of the life. The Earth story is about the manifestation of many such concepts and dimensions of Devi put together.

The symbolic copper "kalasha" represents a universe in which creation and sustenance of all forms takes place -- a form where lies the origin of life from the primal sound. Process therein embodies limitless spans of time and space as crucial aspects in growth, sustenance and diversity of nature. The word "Kalasha" is derived from the root`Kala' [time] and `akash' [space].The story of our existence and its connect with the nature around us is beautifully incorporated in our culture and tradition, and our day to day lives. As a key concept in Hindu thoughts a Kalasha finds multifaceted manifestations -- forms of a humble earthen pot to a precious ceremony ware, it is intrinsic to human existence.

As universe in which creation and sustenance of life happens, Kalasha is the story of Earth and also equated to womb. This three dimensional work aims to experiment with the phenomenon that is the cycle of creation, where the seed of life is carried from mother to daughter and so on. Handmade in beaten copper with a traditional process, the pot invokes sacred Devi with her characteristic abundance and prosperity. This multidimensional composition indulges in the mystiques of life.